At VeloceSport we believe in maintaining a totally professional restoration service with a friendly and personalised approach that only a real enthusiast would agree is needed for the love and commitment these beautiful cars demand. We undertake restorations for all classic Alfa Romeos and of all sizes and stages whether it be: 

  • Mechanical

  • Upholstery

  • Bodywork/Paintshop

  • Or all three

With over 30 years experience working on these models we know them inside out; focusing on all details to restore the car back to as close to factory original as possible. These finer details are the key points in which most non-specialist restorers will not pick up on. 

We use the best available quality new panels for all body work which is all kept in house as we are also parts suppliers for all Alfa Romeo 105 series models. 

We pay particular attention to gap lines concerning the all important door fit when replacing the 3 piece sills, wings, door repairs etc. Although labour intensive, we prefer to fit replacement panels with a butt-weld rather than joggled edges as this eliminates the possibility of future corrosion which can occur with joggled edges due to panel overlap and ultimately a moisture trap. 

All our Start to Finish restorations benefit from: 

  • Bodywork repair

  • Full body bare metal re-spray including engine bay and boot

  • Waxoyl & Underseal of vehicle

  • Full suspension rebuild

  • Overhauled gearbox

  • New clutch and hydraulics

  • New exhaust system

  • Rebuilt carburettors

  • Complete re-trim which includes seats, underlay & carpets throughout, and headlining.

  • Overhauled brake system including new pads, hoses and refurbished callipers, master cylinders, servos

  • Serviced engine

  • Refurbished wheels & new tyres

  • Laser tracking

  • 12 months MOT.

Below are some examples of the classic car restorations and recent projects undertaken at VeloceSport. Please contact us if you would like further details of our services or are considering any restoration work for your classic car.
For more pictures, view our Gallery at the bottom of this page or go onto our Instagram page by following the link on the ‘Contacts’ section of our website. 

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